We are Plyint.

A remote-first, podular software company creating open source friendly products.


At Plyint, all software engineers are fully remote. Our organizational structure, tooling and procedures have been specifically tailored to support remote software development. Allowing us to focus on our core mission to create valuable software.

Being remote-first enables us to:

  • Recruit premiere talent regardless of geographic location
  • Eliminate time wasting commutes and expensive central office locations
  • Respond swiftly to escalations and incidents
  • Disseminate knowledge and documentation quickly to all individuals
  • Mitigate work outages
  • Offer flexible work schedules to employees


Plyint is organized as a collection of small teams known as “Pods”. Each pod is responsible for a single product or large feature end-to-end. (i.e. From design all the way through production support) This allows each product or major feature to be deployed and maintained independently.

Dependencies between products/features are handled using well-defined interfaces. These interfaces are the same regardless of whether they are external or internal to the organization. This reduces complexity and ensures we are "dogfooding" our own sofware.

By using a small team approach, deep technical expertise and design consensus can be quickly reached. This intimate knowledge of each product translates into higher quality software that meets the needs of our users.

open source friendly

Software produced by Plyint will typically have it’s source code released publicly and under a proprietary commercial license agreement. This agreement will license the application source code under an OSI approved open source license with additional terms as allowed by the open source license. Typically this means removing proprietary trademarks (e.g. Our company name “Plyint” or product brand names from the code) before distribution. Plyint is not in charge of any community derived open source versions of its products and does not provide support for those derivative versions. It is expected that the community owns and supports any open source derivative.

In addition to our commercial products, Plyint will also release software directly under OSI approved open source licenses from time to time. These may be internal tools that we developed as part of other projects or pure open source ventures on their own. Plyint will provide support for these tools on best effort basis and will be in charge of the corresponding open source repositories.



A service that generates new and unique names from user provided words

Open Source

As part of our software development process, Plyint occassionally releases open source projects that we think would benefit the community at large. Unlike our commercial products, these projects carry pure OSI approved open source licenses (e.g. MIT license) and are hosted on Plyint’s GitHub account.


A lightweight and flexible solution to using encrypted secrets in shell scripts.


A shell script to sign & load Linux kernel modules for secure boot. The script can be installed as a systemd service.


The Maturation of Decentralized Applications

A retrospective summary on the Internet’s evolution and where we are headed.